Let's create meaningful digital experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Predicting Intent

Loblaw Media™ offers a new way to plan and deliver meaningful and smart digital advertising to help consumer brands more effectively reach customers who will love their products. We use transaction-based insights from our online and bricks and mortar stores to target and measure campaign effectiveness.

Why Loblaw Media

Advertiser expectations and needs are constantly changing. With the most wide-reaching audience in Canada, we believe that there is a more effective way to reach and connect with your customers. By using unique insights from our purchase data, we can help you deliver the right message to the right customer audience in the right way.

customer transactions annually
of Canadians are within 10 minutes
of one of our stores

Canada’s leading food, pharmacy, health, and wellness retailer

A network of more than 2,500 stores and complementary e-commerce sites

The nation's leading loyalty program

Available in 4,500 locations, with 16 million members

National Reach and Scale

More than half the adult population is a PC Optimum loyalty member

We can extract and derive powerful insights from our data, allowing us to strategically
design campaign and measurement tactics.

Our Solutions

Applying data science and media strategies to exclusive purchase data allows Loblaw Media to deliver meaningful and effective experiences with your brand.

We will help you target the right customer audience with the right message, at the right time, so that your marketing dollars can generate real connections and drive measurable results.

Precise Targeting with Quality Data

We leverage the billions of buying signals we see from our purchase data to help tell your story when, and where it matters most.

And we use exclusive purchase data to reach the ideal audience on and off Loblaw Companies' digital properties.

Digital Advertising that leaves a lasting impression

We connect your brand message to a custom PC Optimum audience across the web to create a meaningful digital media experience.

Measuring Impact

We provide closed-loop measurement of your digital campaigns, analyzing your audience’s path to purchase from online to offline sales – with no more guess-work required.

Partnering with Loblaw Media can change how you plan your advertising campaigns and evolve how you measure campaign effectiveness through actual sales performance.

Our promise to customers

The privacy and security of our customers’ personal information is extremely important.

In the course of providing our advertising services, Loblaw Media will not sell or share the personal information of our customers to any business or media partner. Further, no identifiable information will leave the custody and control of Loblaws Inc.

We also believe that our customers should benefit when their information is used in this process. That's why we are looking at the best ways to inform and reward customers when they view ads from Loblaw Media. And, we will offer them the opportunity to opt out.

Let's work together

Let’s discuss how we can partner to create meaningful experiences with customers who shop at Canada’s largest retailer and help grow measurable value for your brand.