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Introducing MediaAisleTM

A new media buying platform with a difference.

MediaAisle empowers brands to drive real, measurable sales impact from video and display ads. You'll see real-time reporting connecting your digital ads to real transactions, both online and in-store, where the bulk of CPG sales happen. For the first time, see which creative versions drive the most sales, not just the most clicks.

Whether you'd like to use the expertise of our team to plan and execute MediaAisle campaigns, or you'd like to take control of your campaigns directly in the new self-serve interface, the flexibility is yours.

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Loblaw MediaTM is on a mission to reinvent digital media buying in Canada by showing which of your ads are driving the most sales.

Targeting based on actual purchases, not third-party proxies.

Stop the guesswork! Digital ad targeting is usually based on indirect browsing signals or wide demographic segments that act as a proxy for audience purchase intent. Instead, MediaAisle delivers your ads to the people most likely to become your customers, based on real purchase data, and then closes the loop by measuring how many sales were driven by each ad.

Exclusive audiences and seamless campaign management.

With 200+ exclusive first-party audience segments generated through real transactional data, your ads will reach real customers in your category who are most likely to be interested in buying your brand, whether they're shopping in-store or online.

Powerful insights about real sales impact.

Why wait weeks for modeled results showing media metrics combined with inferred sales data? With built-in purchase attribution measurement on every campaign, MediaAisle offers a transparent sightline on how many people exposed to your media actually purchased the advertised products across Loblaw's retail channels, both in-store and online.

What makes MediaAisle different?

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Strengthen your media with real purchase and shopping data

By applying machine learning to millions of transactions per year, we know which customers have the highest propensity to make a purchase in any given category. Designed to increase probability of reaching customers receptive to a campaign message, MediaAisle drives efficiency in brand media spends by reducing wasted impressions.

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Why guess when you can know?

Get omnichannel ROAS measurement and other powerful insights all at your fingertips! Our closed-loop purchase attribution allows you to see the actual purchases being made both in-store and online from your advertised products, based on exposure to your display or video campaigns.

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From media planning to sales outcomes

Through a seamless user experience, MediaAisle unlocks everything you need to drive real world success in one self-serve platform. From efficient campaign setup to real time performance monitoring, MediaAisle makes it easy to build campaigns using exclusive, first-party data to deliver your media goals and your business outcomes.

A chart shaped like a yin-yang symbol, flowing from Precision Targeting to Omnichannel ROAS.

Why guess when you can know?

Unlock the combined power of precision targeting and omnichannel ROAS.

MediaAisle is the media-buying platform you've been looking for. Connect digital impressions to real Canadian shoppers and then optimize based on the impact your media has on real sales outcomes.

We're only getting started!

More media channels and targeting capabilities are in the works for MediaAisle. Check back for updates!

Ready to unlock the power of precision media buying with MediaAisle?